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Pugs for everyone!

"Pugs" are played in 3 rounds. Players playing cards in their turns. The color of pug, the number on card and the current feeding order must be respected. The feeding order indicates which animal is currently the strongest. An important rule: along with pugs, color must be respected! If a player has a card of the same color, then he must play it next to the corresponding pug.

Cats ignore the rule of color and can be played, even if the player has a suitable pug in his hand. The one who played the strongest card in a row takes it to his discard pile. But be careful: at the end of the game not the number on card is counted, but the number of bones on it. Player who played the weakest card does not receive victory points, but may take one of the played cards in his hand and (very important!) change the feeding order!

"Pugs" is a fast charmingly designed card game that will appeal not only to owners of pugs...