Brettspiel Easter Basket 2016

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  • Model: Extensie
  • Produs de: Frosted Games
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Brettspiel Easter Basket 2016 contains eight new expansions for eight games from eight publishers.

All expansions take the form of punch-out counters, except the colt express expansion, which is a mini game board.

Snowdonia: Wagons Expansion - a collection of 9 wagon tiles, which you can buy using the build action. Each awards a different end-game bonus.
Antarctica: Penguin Expansion - 8 identical counters, representing the extra point earned by the player who comes first in an area.
Haus Der Sonne: Lava Tiles Mini Expansion - 6 lava tiles.
My Village: Vagrants Expansion - 4 vagrants, distributed randomly to players grant a unique one-shot special ability, and a 5th "wandering" Itinerant Preacher tile which accumulates story points and passes to whichever player had the last death in their village.
Imperial Settlers: Council Promo - During the production phase, if all players agree put a meeple on the council tile, each player draws 1 faction card and the meeples go back to the supply.
Colt Express: Rock Promo - This Rock decoration can be used to place your common deck during your Colt Express games.
T.I.M.E Stories: Beacon Promo - 3 "beacon" tokens which you can spend to skip spending time points when you change location.
Dream Islands: Package Trip Promo - Each player gets a set of 3 tiles, each tile can be played once per game, and affects your move

This package also contains the microgame WH1CH GAM3 from Jürgen Karla and Oliver Grimm that can be played in order to determine which game should be played next.