Carcassonne Mini Expansions Pack

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  • Model: Set Mini Extensii
  • Produs de: Hans im Gluck
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Pachetul contine:
1. Carcassonne: Burgen in Deutschland
2. Carcassonne: Halb so Wild II
3. Die Windrosen
4. Carcassonne: Die Schule (The School
5. The River II (Der Fluss II)
6. Der Graf von Carcassonne (The Count of Carcassonne)
7. Carcassonne: Die Klöster

1. Carcassonne: Burgen in Deutschland is a mini-expansion for Carcassonne that consists of six double-sized tiles depicting German castles.

At the start of the game, each player receives one (with 4-6 players) or two (with 2-3 players) castle tiles. During the game, a player can choose to place one of their castle tiles instead of the regular tile in hand, with tile parts needing to match as usual; when the player places it, they can place a follower somewhere on the tile. If the follower is in the main castle, the tile scores like a cloister and is worth 12 points when completely surrounded. If a city or road is completed during the game and part of that structure is on a castle tile, then the city or road is worth 3 additional points, no matter who placed the tile.

2. Carcassonne: Halb so Wild II takes the standard Carcassonne tiles and breaks them in half. More specifically, the sheet of tiles consists of twelve triangular landscape tiles that are half the size of a normal tile.

Additional features derived from The Corn Circles expansion and the Hills & Sheep expansion appear on four of the tiles.

This version was released by Hans im Glück through its webstore. It includes 12 tiles with different designs from Halb so Wild, released by Spielbox at the same time. These two different versions can be combined.

3. Die Windrosen is a six-tile mini-expansion for Carcassonne. Each tile depicts all or part of a wind rose (AKA compass rose). The red, full wind rose is a new starting tile, and divides the playing area into four fields.

This expansion was released at Modell-Hobby-Spiel 2012 in Leipzig. Attendees had to go on a scavenger hunt to collect clues which would permit them to obtain the expansion from the Carcassonne-on-Tour booth. The expansion is currently only available by attending a Carcassonne-on-Tour event, but may be made more widely available next year.

This expansion is given as a promo with issue #5 (2013) of Spielbox.

Short rules:

Orange full rose is new start tile and defines the four quarters: SW, SE, NW, NE.
Blue full rose (reg. backside) redefines the four quarters.
Orange quarter rose tiles (reg. backside) are worth 3 bonus points if put down in the corresponding quarter of the playing field, e.g. the South-West rose tile put down in the SW quarter defined by the current valid full wind rose.
Appart from that the roses have no influence on the play and the features on the tiles and other points aquired through the tile.
The blue full and the 4 orange quarter rose tiles are shuffled in the stack at the beginning.

4. Carcassonne: Die Schule (The School), a new mini-expansion, will be released at Spiel 2011 bundled with the new Dominion promotional card "Carcassonne"/"Walled Village". Together, these expansions celebrate ten years of Carcassonne while also benefiting the school-building project of Rainbow Over Ghana by donating a portion of the proceeds to that effort.

5. The River II (Der Fluss II) is a mini-expansion for Carcassonne. It adds twelve tiles with a river and has some differences with the first River expansion because the tiles are designed to combine with the first three expansions for Carcassonne, Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders and The Princess & the Dragon. The River II is contained in Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber
The river tiles are placed first, after that the game continues as normal.

6. Der Graf von Carcassonne (The Count of Carcassonne) is another expansion to the well-known series. It contains a further twelve tiles plus the count (a nice wooden figure). The tiles depict the town Carcassonne itself, which is visited by the Count. When a player places a tile that causes scoring for other players but not for themselves, they may put a follower in one of the four regions of the city. They may also move the Count to a region, imprisoning all followers in that region. Each region corresponds to a scoring method, and when a feature of that type is scored, the player may move their follower to that feature, to share in the scoring or even prevent another player from scoring! This expansion requires the basic Carcassonne game, and can be combined with any of the other expansions. (from

The Count can be purchased in many places as an independent expansion.
The Count is also available in the HiG Compilation Count, King & Cult.

7. Carcassonne: Die Klöster, a mini-expansion first published for Easter 2014, lets you replace the monastery tiles in the Carcassonne base game with six new tiles, each with an illustration based on a particular German monastery: Kloster Andechs, Eberbach, Lorch, Kloster Maria Laach, Kloster Marienthal, and Maulbronn.

When you place a tile from Die Klöster, you can place a monk on the tile as usual (with the figure being scored and removed only when the monastery tile is surrounded by eight other tiles) or you can lay the figure on its side to indicate its status as abbot; abbots remain in place until the end of the game, then they score one point for the monastery itself and for each tile connected to the monastery in rows and columns leading away from it.