Dice Throne Adventures: Promo Card Set – DTA Promo Pack 2020

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The Dice Throne Adventures Promo Pack includes 20 extra cards to enhance your Dice Throne Adventures experience. More loot for your heroes to discover!

- 5 Minion Cards: Melodic Maiden (I), Lithe Elf (II), Loot Goblin (III), Chimera (III), Umbra (IV)
- 15 Loot Cards
-- Common: Trench Coat, Bolas
-- Rare: Cat Burglar, Firstest Strike, Utility Belt, Holy Relic, Black Belt
-- Epic: Firstest Strike II, Bolas II, Utility Belt II, Blood Amulet, Guard Dog
-- Legendary: Black Belt II, Holy Relic II, Guard Dog II