Shogun: Tenno's Court

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Numar minim de jucatori3
Numar maxim de jucatori5
Durata (minute)120
Dependent lingvisticIndependent
MecaniciActiuni simultane
Control teritorial
Ordinea de joc variabila
TematicaDezvoltare teritoriala
Anul Publicarii2011
Varsta minima recomandata12+
  • Model: Extensie
  • Produs de: Queen Games
  • Pret final(excluzand transportul)

Prima extensie pentru jocul ”Shogun” de Dirk Henn.

Tenno's Court introduces a court board, where players can vie for royal favors using their court officials. During round set up, three favors are revealed and sorted from best to worst. include gifts of gold, rice, armies (to the tray), victory points, free buildings, immunity to attack A, B, or both or ability to dismiss the event for the round. After the orders are planned but before their execution, there's an additional phase when, in the order of possessed officials in the court, everybody has a chance to pick a favor by spending their officials. The best favor costs 3 officials, second 2 and third 1.

Samurai is a very small expansion, close to a promo both in components (4 cards for every player) and in rules: at the begining of each round when you control provinces in at least 4 regions, you reveal a better card and pick a bonus from it. For this reason, the first card is de facto unused, and the rest provide you with either gold (2,4,6), rice (0,1,2), armies on the tray (1,2,3) or victory points (0,0,1).

• 1 Curte Imperială – Tenno’s Court (tablă de joc din carton numită ”sala de audiențe” cu spațiu adițional pentru 3 cărți de Favoruri);
• 5 extra table de joc pentru jucători;
• 35 Oficiali de Curte din lemn;
• 21 cărți de Favoruri;
• 15 cărți pentru turnul de zaruri;
• 1 broșură cu reguli;
• 20 de cărți ale extensiei ”Samurai”.

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