Star Realms: Universal Storage Box

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  • Produs de: White Wizard Games
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This box will hold your entire Star Realms collection, with or without sleeves, with room to spare for future sets and even a playmat! Use the included foam blocks to hold your cards firmly in place. The high quality plastic dividers included will allow you to separate your cards by set, and/or have a deck ready to play with dividers for Trade Deck, Explorers, Personal Decks and Score Cards.

15-Card promo & Token Card Set of the following cards:
- 1x Young Queen (Blob Ship)
- 1x Mutant Drone (Blob Ship)
- 2x Worker Drone (Blob Ship)
- 3x Warrior Drone (Blob Ship)
- 2x Brooder (Blob Ship)
- 2x Recovery Mech (Machine Cult Ship)
- 2x Orbital Crane (Star Empire Ship)
- 2x Embassey Transport (Trade Federation Ship)

30 Plastic Dividers
6 Foam Blocks