Thunderstone Quest: Enemies Among Us (Kickstarter Edition)

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This is a superdeluxe storage box containing quests 10 and 11 (Darkness Rising and Miricelle's Return). It was available during the Kickstarter campaign as a reward tier.

The shadowy realm of the Ebonwood has laid claim to the lands of Thunderstone Keep, bringing out the land's primal nature. Can you draw strength from these Corruptions while resisting the call of the darkness?

Then brace yourself as Miricelle, the Scion Defender who tried to end the world is back with a vengeance. But this time, she's not alone. The Scions are invading our world, and it's up to you to fend off the assault and bring an end to this epic, mythological arc.

With new cards, new heroes, and new monsters to defeat, Thunderstone Quest just keeps getting better.