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The new football board game! Score amazing goals with your fingers. How do you win? Lots of practice and strategy. Once you start, it will be difficult to stop!

It encourages the interaction face to face and reduce the abusive use of screens.
Rules: Each opponent has 11 players in his/her half-field. One of both start shooting from the white mark of his/her area. From that moment each opponent has a shot from where the ball stopped. When you score a goal, the opponent must remove one of his/her 11 players. Whoever gets eliminate 11 players from the opponent WIN!

if the ball goes outside the board when you shot the opponent will have 2 consecutive shots from the white mark of his/her area.

A new game, unique, simple, fun and social.
A mix of skill and strategy
Very easy to learn and play

⏰ fast matches of 5-10 minutes

Made for children, youth, adults and old people
You can personalize the game with the shirts of the best football teams.

✅ Perfect to play in your home with your family, in a bar with your friends... whenever you want

High quality wooden BOARD, measuring 53x33 cm. Covered with GREEN FABRIC designed to resemble a football field.
All the game is made with wood
Foldable game for a comfort transport

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