Connect 4 din lemn

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39 RON
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Numar minim de jucatori2
Numar maxim de jucatori2
Durata (minute)15
Dependent lingvisticIndependent
TematicaJoc pentru copii
Strategie abstracta
MecaniciConstructie sabloane
Recunoastere sabloane
Anul Publicarii2010
Varsta minima recomandata6+
  • Model: HS035
  • Produs de: goki
  • Pret final(excluzand transportul)

"Challenge a friend to checker-dropping fun with CONNECT 4! There are three ways to play, so choose your game:

Original: Drop in your checkers and be the first to get 4-in-a-row to win.

Pop Out: Get 4 in a row by popping a checker out instead of dropping one in!

Pop 10: Pop checkers out of the grid. If your checker is part of a 4-in-a-row, you get to keep it. The first player to get 10 checkers wins.

When you're done playing, tote your game around with a convenient carrying handle. The checkers store inside the grid so you're ready to play anytime!"

42 checkers (21 yellow, 21 red)
Grid with checker catcher base/handle