Set (Editia in Limba Romana)

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49 RON
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Numar minim de jucatori1
Numar maxim de jucatori20
Durata (minute)30
Dependent lingvisticIndependent
TematicaJoc de carti
Timp real
MecaniciRealizare colectii
Recunoastere sabloane
Anul Publicarii2009
Varsta minima recomandata6+
  • Model: Jocul de baza
  • Produs de: Schmidt Spiele
  • Pret final(excluzand transportul)

In SET, each card contains 1-3 objects, with all of the objects on a card having the same color, shape and shading, e.g., two purple shaded ovals. Colors, shapes, and shadings come in three different types: green, purple and red; oval, diamond and squiggle; and solid, shaded and outlined.

All players compete simultaneously and try to claim sets of cards in a single pass through the deck. A set consists of three cards that are either all alike or all different in each attribute. For example, if all three cards have the same number of objects, but three different shapes, shadings, and colors, then those cards are a set; if two of the cards have a common attribute that is not shared by the third, they are not a set.

To play, one person takes the deck and lays out twelve cards face up. The first person to spot a set collects those three cards; if the player was mistaken, then this player cannot claim a set until after another player has done so. After someone has claimed a set, the cardholder lays out three more cards. (If all players agree that no sets can be claimed, then the cardholder lays out three more cards. These cards aren't replaced after someone claims a set.) Whoever claims the most sets wins!

2007 Creative Child's Preferred Choice Award
2007 TDMonthly Classic Toy award
2005 "Top 100 Games of 2005" Games Quartely
2004 ASTRA Hot Toys
2004 Parents' Choice 'Best 25 games of the past 25 years'
2002 Bernis's Major Fun award
2002 NSSEA - Top New Product
2001 Teachers' Choice Learning Award
2001 Educational Clearinghouse A+ Award
2000 Top Ten Games - Wizards of the Coast
1999 Parents' Council award
1998 Parents Magazine
1997 Parents' Choice Award
1996 Dr. Toy's 10 Best Games
1996 ASTRA Top Toy Pick
1995 Games Magazine 'Games 100' Award
1995 Deutscher Spiele Preis
1994 Games Magazine 'Games 100' Award
1993 Games Magazine 'Games 100' Award
1992 The Consumers Association of Quebec
1992 The Canadian Toy Testing Council
1992 Games Magazine 'Games 100' Award
1991 The Detroit News
1991 OMNI Magazine
1991 Mensa Select

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