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"My first Triominos" (or "Triominos Junior") is the children version of Triominos.
Easy to learn for children and with colorful play tokens and pennylike counters it is fun to play.

Aim of the game:
Win as many reward counters as possible by placing the right Triominos next to each other.

Give a rack to each player (included in the game)
Place all the Triominos in a pile (called the stock) with the numbers facing down.
Every player picks 5 Triominos and puts them onto their rack.
Every player gets 4 reward counters.
A random Triominos is picked out of the pot and placed open on the table. (If it's a joker, put it back in the stock and take another one.)
Select a player who begins the game (youngest....oldest).
The rest is playing clockwise.

On his turn the player tries to fit one of his Triominos to the ones already on the table. A Triominos fits if it is placed so at least one side is completely in contact with another, and all sides that stick together must match in color and figure.
If you succeed in this, you will be rewarded with a counter. If you can not, then you must pay a reward count and draw another Triominos.
Your turn is then over, and it passes on to the next player.

Game end:
When a player places his last Triominos or the stock is emptied. The player with the most counters win.

(Using the joker is not advisable for the first playthroughs.)
The joker counts as any figure or color and can be used anywhere a normal correct Triominos could be placed.
You can replace a joker on the table, with another Triominos that fits the position. If you do so, you can add the joker to your rack, but will not earn a rewardtoken.

2nd level of play (aged 6 and upwards), to become more familiar with counting points:
In this version of the rules, you play without the reward counters.

The only differences to the above rules are, that drawing Triominos does not cost you points, and points are counted as the total value of the figures on the Triominos you have placed. The score is then tracked throughout the game. The player with the highest score wins.

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