Dinogang (Multilanguage Edition)

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There is little life in the area and every species wants to acquire as much land as possible for itself. Add dinosaurs to create as many gangs as possible and block other species. Toss your opponents with hot lava or vegetable treats to thwart their plans. Get an island just for your DinoGang. At the beginning of the game, we secretly call the dinosaur species to watch out for. During the game we will take turns placing dominoes with similar cards, different dinosaurs as the common play area. We obtain the cards, which we place based on a sketch. The object of the game is to add cards in such a way that we finally sort out the largest group of our students. The rules for adding cards are very similar to classic dominoes. In addition to the dinusia, there are also special fields on the cards that make it easier for us to play or spoil other players ’lines. Whoever creates the biggest dinosaur gang from their charges at the end of the game wins!