Pie Face aka Ruleta cu frisca

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Dependent lingvisticMinor
Anul Publicarii2015
Varsta minima recomandata4+
  • Model: Jocul de baza
  • Produs de: Hasbro
  • Pret final(excluzand transportul)
Descarca regulament:Romana

Pie Face is fantastically exciting and fun-filled… just load the throwing arm with delicious squirty cream or a wet sponge and wait for the tension to build!
You must hold your nerver and keep your fingers crossed - because this is one game where you don't want to end up splat on your face!
Box Contains
1 x pie thrower
1 throwing arm
2 handles
1 chin rest
1 splash card mask
1 spinner
1 sponge

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