Vertellis Silver Pack

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  • Model: Joc de baza
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Vertellis - which means "tell us more" in Dutch - is designed to create a moment in which families and friends become much closer by asking in-depth questions. Questions that make you reflect, cherish, and share the important and beautiful moments of life.

Vertellis is played through a total of four rounds. Cards are stacked in four piles as labeled on the back of each card, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and Round 4. Cards in Round 1 consist of questions answered individually about the past year. Cards in Round 3 consist of questions answered individually about the upcoming year.

Only in Rounds 2 and 4 can you receive points. These Rounds consist of three questions each that are answered by everyone. Each participant can earn a maximum of six points throughout the game. It is possible for more than one player to tie for the win, but we believe that during a successful night everyone's a winner!

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