Claim Kingdoms

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You rule over a small region in a deserted corner of the kingdom. It is time to change that and expand your influence. Work together with the brave knights, the friendly gnomes, the mighty dragons, and many other inhabitants of the land. With their aid, you will soon rule the largest region of the kingdom!

The tile-laying game Claim Kingdoms, is set in the Claim universe. When it's your turn, you go through the following steps in order:

1. Place a card in the playing area.
2. Use the special power of the placed card (optional).
3. Take a new card.

The game ends when:

• A player hasn't got any more player markers in their supply. This ends the game immediately.
• The draw deck and the display are empty, and all players have no cards in hand.

After the game end is triggered, the endgame scoring is performed. Players score points for each faction (not each card) they control. A player controls a faction when they have the most player markers of their color on cards of that faction. In case of a tie, all tied players control this faction and all those players score points for that faction. For each faction you control, you receive the amount of points indicated on the top left corner of the card. The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the tied player with the most player markers left in their supply wins. If this is a tie as well, these players share the victory.