Foundations of Rome (Kickstarter Emperor Pledge)


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  • Model: Joc de baza
  • Produs de: Arcane Wonders
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Foundations of Rome
Foundations of Rome: Monuments Expansion
Foundations of Rome: 5th Player Expansion
Metal Coins
Unlocked Stretch Goals!

The city-building board game Foundations of Rome puts you into the role of an architect competing to own land and build magnificent structures! Build domūs and insulae, fountains, foundries, and more to increase your renown - gaining glory for yourself and the empire! With 96 wonderfully detailed miniatures in the base game, Foundations of Rome is a testament to the glory of Rome that you can bring to the table.

Foundations of Rome is the next, and biggest game to date, in the Dice Tower Essentials line and is designed by famed designer Emerson Matsuuchi.

On a player's turn they select from purchasing a new lot, building a new building in the shared city of Rome, or collecting income!

Players collect Glory Points at the end of each round based on the population and commerce they have brought to the city as well as gaining glory for civic buildings that score not only based on their own buildings, but those of their opponents!

With a quick setup time and easy to learn to rules you will be on your way to achieving glory within Rome in no time!