The Builders: Antiquity

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Les Bâtisseurs - Antiquité is a stand-alone card game based on The Builders: Middle Ages.

In it, players score points (and gain money) by completing the construction of buildings, while placing a worker on a construction site costs money. Each building has four characteristics (carpentry, masonry, architecture, painting) rated between 0 and 5, and the workers have the same characteristics valued in the same range. To complete a construction, the player must add enough workers to cover the four characteristics of the building.

Differences to The Builders: Middle Ages include:
- The possibility to take credit
- Slaves, these need not be paid to be put to work but they will cost negative points at the end if they are not freed
- Tools, players can acquire tools that can then be given to workers to increase their characteristics
- University, workers can learn at the university and increase their characteristics.