Star Wars Labyrinth

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  • Model: Joc de baza
  • Produs de: Ravensburger
  • Pret final(excluzand transportul)

Star Wars Labyrinth uses the same basic game play as Ravensburger's decades-old title The aMAZEing Labyrinth. Players try to move through a labyrinthine game board in order to reach a desired symbol shown on a game board tile that matches a hidden card held by this player. The game board consists of a number of fixed tiles as well as rows and columns in which tiles can slide back and forth; these tiles show tunnels – T-shaped, straight, and otherwise – and a player can move his token only along the path as it exists on his turn.

At the start of his turn, however, he takes the one tile on the side of the game board and pushes it into a row or column of his choice, shifting the tunnels and pushing out one tile that the next player will use. This player now moves his pawn, and if he reaches the desired symbol, he reveals the card, then looks at the next card in his stack to see what he wants to reach next turn. Once a player has revealed all of his cards, he needs to return to his starting corner. The first player to do this wins!

To this basic game, Star Wars Labyrinth adds one twist – a Darth Vader variant in which a Vader token starts the game on a designated tile. Whenever a player has a card that includes a small Darth Vader icon, that player needs to reach the desired symbol with Vader instead of his own token. As a result, multiple people might be trying to move Vader at the same time. Who wields the Force with enough power to bend Vader to his will?


1 game board
34 square maze tiles
24 symbol cards
4 starship pieces (in the colors red, yellow, green and blue)
1 Darth Vader piece (for the Darth Vader variant)
5 stands

Premii si nominalizari ale jocului Labyrinth:

1986 Spiel des Jahres Recommended
1988 Årets Spel Best Family Game Winner
2002 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Childgame Nominee